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Dr. Nancy A. Rushohora,
Archaeology and Heritage Studies, University of Dar es Salaam,
P.O. Box 35050, Dar es Salaam
Email: nrushohora@gmail.com 

Dr. Valence V.M Silayo,
Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College
Coca-cola Road Plot No. 10, Mikocheni Industrial Area, P.O. Box 77588
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Email: valencemeriki2002@yahoo.com 

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Archives are sites of negotiation about visions of the future. Decisions of what is to be collected, accessed, recorded or preserved privilege certain narratives over others (Corens et al. 2018). This is particularly acute in moments of conflict, displacement and reconstruction. It is important to capture and articulate modes of archival practice that allow for co-existence, co-production and recognition of multiple experiences of the past through dialogues across generations, gender, class and stakeholders (See SDG 10, 16.7). This session aims at looking into different approaches and methods of archiving for the future, rather than applying established methods to what has already been deemed worth archiving and safeguarding. We aim for presentations that treat archives as intrinsically constructed, thus challenging linear meanings of authenticity. Papers that explore a range of practices and sources that stretch the meaning of archive by incorporating material remains and creations, landscapes, oral transmissions, song, bodily movements, daily customs and ancestral laws. Therefore, we encourage papers that unveils multi-vocal archives, self-archiving methods, and joint decision-making. 

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