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Nthabiseng Mokoena-Mokhali,
National University of Lesotho
University of Cape Town
Maseru 100, Lesotho.
Email: nthabiseng.mokoena082@gmail.com

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Decolonising Archaeology is an ongoing movement constantly redefined by scholars. Conversations about transforming archaeology were made to confront Western scholarship as a dominating approach in African archaeology. The movement further challenges the dehumanisation as well as marginalising practices in the teaching and research domains. The recent discussion further labels decolonisation of archaeology as the archaeology of the human condition where challenges faced by communities in the heritage spheres are addressed. This session focuses on the ongoing practices of community archaeology as part of decoloniality by providing alternative and local approaches to knowledge production while highlighting the significance of local voices in the African context.  This session further provides innovative means of engaging local and indigenous communities in the research and management domains.

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